Trekking in the Himalayas

The Himalayas stretch along the entire northern boundary of India carving across the Indian subcontinent and spanning five Indian states. They take their name from the Sanskrit word, used by Indian pilgrims in ancient times, meaning “the abode of snow”. The Himalayas fascinate and inspire; they evoke a mixture of feelings from admiration to awe and fear.
In Hindu scriptures the Himalayas are associated with spiritual tranquility and consequently there are many shrines in the mountains and numerous pilgrimage routes. For centuries the mountains acted as a natural and political barrier, they isolated communities, cultures and customs; locals did cross the ranges for trade, but the exploration and climbing that we know today started with the arrival of British.
On one level trekking is physical challenge, a simple desire to choose a path and pit you against the terrain and the elements, with the adventure component adding the spice of uncertainty and allowing you to test yourself in unfamiliar territory. On a deeper level, trekking is a bridge between ancient eras and modern lifestyles.

"The Himalaya is a trekkers and climbers paradise.
Come… explore them with us."

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